Bamorhea State Park

We traveled About 413 miles yesterday! Once we arrived at the park we quickly changed into swimsuits to go to the pool. It is the largest natural spring pool in the world. The San Solomon Spring provides 26,000,000 gallons of water per day to the pool and surrounding canal system! The water was about 74 degrees, and since it was a whopping 95 degrees outside, it felt really good! The water is beautifully crystal clear, and has fish and some turtles. The fish are nibblers….word of warning, I was the only one that seemed to be bothered however. I think a few of them had teeth. We took a walk later and enjoyed watching the cottontail rabbits, quail, roadrunners, and many other birds. After a big rib and sausage dinner we watched the sun set and the stars come out. It was a bit cloudy once the sun went down, but we could still see quite a bit. The stars at night are big and bright….deep in the heart of Texas!

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