June 9 Skagway to Haines

We left the Yukon Territory today and arrived in Skagway. We did some shopping and looking around. It’s a cute little cruise ship port. The next day we loaded the ferry for Haines. The trailer had to be backed into the ship! We were not expecting that! The guys loading the ferry are experts and guiding you in, so it wasn’t as hard as it sounds.  At least not for me – I wasn’t driving, ha ha ha.  The Oceanside campground at Haines was okay, since we were sightseeing most of the days.  Its basically a parking lot, but has a good view of the harbor. We did see some eagles in the harbor the first afternoon. We went to the cannery, Sheldon Museum (really good), Eagle Foundation, Fort Seward, and explored the surrounding area. We saw fish wheels in the river.

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