June 25 Climbing Mt. McKinley

We climbed – in altitude that is!  What a fantastic day!  We booked a flight on a Piper 31-350 Navajo plane that took us into Denali along the spine of mountains,  and we circled the summit of Mt. McKinley.  As we approached the summit we were almost 18,000 ft in the air.  We even saw the upper base camp where expeditions to the summit stay and prepare for the last leg of their journeys!  (See the snow picture that has little dots?) Our pilot Alex, was fantastic and a lot of fun. On the way back, he showed us the bus in the wilderness where Chris McCandless (“Into the Wild” book and movie) perished.  Alex explained that the area people are trying to get the bus moved, because so many people go out there to see the bus, but end up having an emergency of some sort (its really far out in the bush) and they have to spend a lot of time and money getting people out.  The picture below is the bus that was used in the movie.  It is located at the 49th State Brewery in Healy,



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