June 28 Denali Kantishna Experience

Denali National Park and Preserve  – This morning we were rolling out of the Wilderness Access Center at 7:30 am on the Denali Kantishna Experience bus tour.  It was a 12 hour narrated tour, with plenty of stops along the way for picture taking.  We rode the entire length of the park road – 92.5 miles of gravel. When we got to the end, we turned around and did 92.5 miles back! We saw grizzly bears, caribou, ptarmygans, a hoary marmot, ground squirrels, snowshoe rabbits, and birds.  We saw a moose and her calf before we even left the parking lot.  We also saw Fannie Quigby’s cabin in the old gold mining area.  Look her up – her story is fascinating. We learned many things about the ecosystem and preservation of our national lands.  Denali showed her beautiful peaks clearly several times during the day.  We were told only 30% of visitors actually get to see the mountain.


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